Focus V
Ice Cream & Display Freezer

The Focus V freezer has an elegant, yet robust, design to optimally catch the attention of your customers. The lid design, the improved insulation and the heated frame ensure minimum ice build-up. 

Cyclopenthane is used as blowing agent and the cabinets are CFC free.

  • HC refrigerants as standard
  • Heating wire and extra hot pipe in the top frame to prevent condensation
  • Long life time
  • Low service costs
  • Perfect view to the products
  • Available in all climate classes
  • Minimum ice build-up
  • Designed for transport
  • Eye Catching design
  • 75 mm insulation
  • Also available as combination of cooler and freezer
  • Accessories (option)
  • Graphics (option)
  • LED internal light (option)