Laboratory Freezers

  • Low service costs
  • Long life
  • Designed for transport
  • Short term storage of blood and plasma
  • Low service costs
  • Long life
  • Perfect for storage of rubber and steel for testing
  • Used by universities, hospitals and research institutes for long term storing of blood, skincells, DNA and organs.
In these days, where we all are observing the situation with Corona Virus, we want to inform you of the present situation at ELCOLD ApS.

Elcold is still manufacturing under normal conditions.

- We can handle orders as usual.
- We can manufacture as usual.
- We can supply readymade goods from stock.
- We receive raw materials from our suppliers, but smaller delays can occur due to the present situation.
- We have products collected by our transport companies as usual, and we deliver to you - our customers as usual. Therefore, until further notice, we are running as usual, and in case of changes in this situation, we will naturally keep you updated.

For further information get in touch with your ELCOLD contact.